Progressive Die & Stamping, Inc., Metal Stamping, Laser Cutting, Tooling Design


Progressive Die & Stamping, Inc. has successfully completed many metal stamping projects for clients in a variety of industries. Below are a few examples. Please contact us today for more information.

Mounting Bracket
Butterfly Mounting Bracket, Lighting Industry, Progressive Die, Tempered Spring Steel
Progressive die stamping of a spring steel mounting bracket for the lighting industry
Channel Bracket
Channel Bracket, Display Industry, Metal Stamping vs. Laser Cutting
Metal stamping vs. laser cutting of a steel bracket for the product display industry
Lighting Bracket
Lighting Yoke, Metal Stamping Blanking, Metal Forming, Galvanized Steel
Blanking and forming of multiple part numbers of steel yokes for lighting mounts
Sealing Plate
Sealing Plate for Oil Filter, Progressive Die Stamping, Plated Steel
Progressive die stamping a galvanized steel sealing plate for the oil filter industry
Brass Terminals
Brass Terminal, Automotive Industry, Brass, Progressive Die Stamping
Metal stamping of small brass terminals for the aftermarket automotive industry
Exhaust End Cap
Exhaust End Cap, Automotive Aftermarket, Metal Stamping Blank and Form Die, Pierce and Flare Die
Form, pierce, and flare of stainless exhaust end cap for automotive industry