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Sealing Plate

Fabricated steel sealing plate for the diesel fuel and hydraulic filter industry

Sealing Plate for Oil Filter, Progressive Die Stamping, Plated Steel
  • Material:
    0.025" Steel
  • Dimensions:
    Diameter: 3.813"
    Height: 0.312"

This steel sealing plate is used in the diesel fuel and hydraulic filter industry. The 0.025" steel plate is blanked, pierced, stamped, and formed on our STAMTEC 165 ton gap press. The finished plate has an outer diameter of 3.813" a height of 0.312" with dimensional tolerances as tight as ±0.003". This is a pre-plated material that's produced in a 10 station progressive die. Once completed and QC'd, these sealing plates are shipped to domestic customers and exported to Mexico.

We have currently manufactured almost 35 million of these parts with zero rejects. This project not only demonstrates our ability to handle large volume projects, but our ability to produce quality, long lasting tooling to support custom parts.