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Channel Bracket

Stamping of a steel channel bracket for the product display industry

Channel Bracket, Display Industry, Metal Stamping vs. Laser Cutting
  • Material:
    0.056" Steel
  • Dimensions:
    Width: 4.281"
    Length: 6.750"

This project represents the future of progressive die stamped blanks. In production runs of more than 5,000 pieces, we have found that laser cutting, the most common method, is quite cost effective; however, that changes as quantities rise. By partnering with laser cutting providers we have proven that stamping is a viable, cost positive option. In fact with temporary tooling this can even apply to some products below 5,000.

The project highlighted here is an example of this type of partnership. This channel bracket was stamped from cold rolled steel on our state of the art STAMTEC 165 Gap Press. This advanced system provides not only the volume capability to make this run feasible, but it also delivers precision, in this case ±.032" on dimensions and ±1° on the angles. The finished bracket measured 4.281" in width, 6.750" in length, and was .056" thick. Post stamping processes included deburring and powder coating as well as dimensional and visual inspections ensuring the all 50,000 pieces that we produced met or exceeded laser cutting standards.