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Mounting Bracket

Progressive die stamping of a steel mounting bracket for the lighting industry

Butterfly Mounting Bracket, Lighting Industry, Progressive Die, Tempered Spring Steel
  • Material:
    0.025" Spring Steel
  • Dimensions:
    Width: 1.810"
    Height: 1.750"

This butterfly mounting bracket is part of an assembly kit used in the lighting industry. The bracket is made of 0.025" spring tempered steel. Spring tempered steel is an ideal material for brackets because it is strong and retains its form through the force of installation. However, these properties also make it a very difficult material to stamp and form. If spring steel is annealed prior to stamping and later re-heat treated, the part often becomes distorted and does not meet dimensional specifications.

Through our experience and ability to create high quality tooling, we were able to produce this bracket while maintaining dimensional tolerances as tight as ±0.005". The overall dimensions of the bracket are 1.810" x 1.750". We produce 500,000 of these brackets annually. Stock is maintained on this part, and inventory is released to the customer as needed.